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Now pregnant women will last 10 months.

Pregnancy normally can last for 10 months, not nine, as is commonly believed now. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of North Carolina, to observe for 125 pregnant women.

It turned out that one woman out of 20 give birth in time – 280 days, or 40 weeks after conception. Most expectant mothers the same length of gestation varies from 37 to 42 weeks. Within 10 days after giving birth to the date set for 70% of pregnant women. “Norms of childbearing should be reconsidered” – experts believe the National Institute of Health Sciences in Durham.

Pregnant women can not last 9 months, one month and more or less and it may become the norm. Moreover, this term “norm” is directly dependent on how quickly the embryo can not attach to the uterine wall. And in cases where increased levels of progesterone – one of the signs of the ensuing pregnancy – occurred later, duration of pregnancy was reduced by an average of 12 days.

In other words, what happens in a woman’s body in the very early stages of pregnancy lays the date of birth of the child. Scientists have also identified several factors that influence the duration of the pregnancy. For example, the older a woman is, the longer it may be pregnant – an average of one day per year increase to the deadline, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

Also the date of birth is associated with weight woman at her birth – the excess of the norm of 100 grams adds one additional day during pregnancy. Having a baby can also be delayed if a previous pregnancy lasted for more than 38 weeks. The average duration from ovulation to birth is 38 weeks and two days, the researchers found during the study. Once removed from the results of six cases of premature birth, experts have concluded that the timing of births as different by 37 days.

Scientists from the city of Bamberg, spending a study that from 1993 to 2007 was attended by over 42 thousand working women have come to the conclusion that pregnancy can be “infected” by looking at someone else’s example.


Graduating from LaSalle College International Indonesia in 2008 meant parting ways for Ginetta Dadia, Cloudy Arindita and Wiwin Sunaryono — but it didn’t stop them remaining close friends.

So, it was only natural for Ginetta and Cloudy to drive all the way to Wiwin’s hometown Bandung after she had her first child two years later.

“While we were there, the idea to create our own fashion label just popped up,” said Cloudy, who studied fashion design, while Ginetta and Wiwin both majored in fashion business. Inspired by the reunion, Anokhi was born.

“We just thought it’s a pity to let our educational background go to waste,” 26-year-old Ginetta explained, adding that the word “ anokhi ” derives from Hindi and means “unique.”

After the initial idea, the three sat together to come up with a business plan, and everything happened very quickly and surprisingly smoothly afterward.

Since Wiwin lives in Bandung, she knew all the right places to go for buying high-quality yet affordable fabrics, and only three months later, Anokhi launched its first collection — chic clothes with fresh designs, a labor of love by the three women who poured all their passion and energy into building their new brand.

Although competition in the local fashion industry is tough, they said, their business is doing just fine — actually, much better than they had anticipated.

“It’s good to see that people like us and our designs, and appreciate our work,” Ginetta said.